Your facility's operational and maintenance costs over its first seven to ten years will be many times your initial investment for its design/engineering, procurement and construction. With so much invested in your facility, clients want to keep it operating in its like-new condition as long as possible. Hixson's Facility Support Services are designed to cost effectively respond to your needs. In business for more than 60 years, Hixson intimately knows the decisions behind materials and systems used to design and engineer your buildings, facilities and systems, and how these items were intended to function throughout their lifecycle. With this knowledge, Hixson is in the best position to help your internal teams better manage an often overwhelming complexity of facilities, materials and systems to keep them operating at peak performance.

Hixson is one of the very select number of firms that specialize and have 16 technical disciplines in-house, combined with a continuous employment commitment to our associates. Having these in place allows Hixson to offer this service effectively. In addition, Hixson's Facility Support Services allow companies to:
  • Focus on day-to-day operations.
  • Minimize downtime through better upkeep and faster solutions to issues.
  • Gain confidence that the facility and physical assets will meet future goals.
  • Develop predictable operational spending budgets.
  • Improve responsiveness and efficiency through quick access to documentation.
  • Maintain warranty integrity and code compliance.
  • Maximize the performance and life of equipment and other assets.
Hixson offers a number of options to help support your ongoing needs. Each service can work individually or in combination with any other solution, and all come from within Hixson's 16 in-house technical disciplines. Click below to see the various Facility Support Services from Hixson.

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