Below are the services Hixson provides to our clients, within the industries we serve
GMP Projects GMP (Food & Beverage)
Through the years, Hixson has worked on thousands of projects, worth billions of dollars, for food and beverage processors throughout the United States and Internationally, bringing that wealth of knowledge to every project. Plus, a robust professional development program keeps all Hixson associates on top of the latest advances in food plant design and construction.

Workplace Projects WORKPLACE
Since 1948, we have been an integral part of the success of businesses throughout North America, working on office projects ranging from new construction to renovations. Hixson's in-house, integrated team of architects, engineers, and interior designers take a systemic, holistic view of your facilities to help you achieve the best possible results without sacrificing optimal return on investments.

Research and development facilities are the birthplace of products and processes that provide competitive advantages and drive businesses forward. Talent, teamwork and technology are vital to the success of a company's Research and Development (R&D) efforts. Hixson's fully integrated team of design and engineering professionals, representing 16 full-time, in-house disciplines, are focused on developing diverse R&D, laboratory, science, technology and office facilities.

Retail Projects RETAIL
Since 1948, Hixson and our retail design capabilities have been helping retail stores and shopping centers become more than just stopping points in a busy day, and instead become destinations. Combining real-world experience with state-of-the-art ideas, Hixson's experienced and knowledgeable team of retail knowledge leaders understands how to deliver an outstanding experience, from both inside the store and out, that attracts customers to the facility.

Visionmarking Services VISIONMARKING
Every year, your business needs to determine the viability of a host of new initiatives, from new market entries to sustainability, business expansion, security and more. Business data such as sales volumes may only provide part of the information needed to make a sound, informed business decision. Hixson's advocate centered Visionmarking services help our clients complete the picture by providing clearer insight into the ability of facility, technology, people and equipment to support your business objectives.

Your facility's operational and maintenance costs over its first seven to ten years will be many times your initial investment for its design/engineering, procurement and construction. With so much invested in your facility, clients want to keep it operating in its like-new condition. Hixson's Facility Support Services are designed to cost effectively respond to your needs.

Hixson has successfully completed over $250 million in LEED Certified projects. Hixson's Sustainability Consulting service is provided by an integrated team of architects, engineers, interior designers and cost estimators who have attained U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification - to assist clients in determining sustainable facility/systems goals that are appropriate and in offering sustainable options that meet these goals during the design process.

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